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    Computational Fluid Dynamics The Art of the Possible PacMar Technologies is a leader in computational fluid dynamics and physics-based motion simulation and optimization. ​ Engineering Expertise: Advanced Seakeeping & CFD Analysis Engineering Development from TRL1 to TRL6 Hydro-Mechanical Simulation Concept Design Mechanical Systems Design Amphibious Vehicles Uncrewed Refueling Remote Vessel Operation Undersea Vehicle Design Case Study with AppliedCAx Building prototypes to validate designs is costly and limits innovation. PacMar Technologies has created virtual sea states in which we can simulate and optimize design iterations before constructing physical prototypes and testing in real-world conditions. We utilize advanced simulation tools STAR-CCM+, AEGIR, what else? in the product development cycle to validate product designs. Developing the Next Generation of Aquatic Vessels ​ As a company, PacMar Technologies prides itself on tackling tough challenges and being able to take an idea from a napkin sketch to a detailed design and simulation, then finally constructing and delivering a fully functional physical prototype that goes to the sea for in-water testing. Our Honolulu location offers an optimal setting for real-world validation as the challenging sea state and uniquely rough waters makes for a dynamic testing ground. Designs that can perform here can perform anywhere. Designing for the Rigors of the Ocean The ocean is an unforgiving environment, and the main challenge of maritime design is the sea itself. Watercraft designs and prototypes taken to the sea must be ready for those challenges and be able to overcome the dynamics of a harsh, deep ocean environment. Surface vessels, underwater vehicles, as well as amphibious vehicles, all have to deal with waves, the surf zone, currents, and wind, all coming together in an incompressible fluid - whether it's on the surface or below. Innovative Success Powered by Simulation PacMar Technologies has had many successful surface ship programs in its history. Oneof the most successful has been their Sea Blade line of surface ships. Novel in its approach to hydrodynamics and performance, they leveraged STAR-CCM+ to run simulations on "many, many" iterations, doing different benchmark comparisons against different hull designs. The most comparable hull ship is a Deep-V hull design. Looking at the SeaBlade vs the Deep-V, they showed a 23% reduction in slamming and a 50% reduction in roll response. They're also able to go up an additional 2 knots in speed. These are key metrics for operator safety, allowing the operator to not only go faster but also avoid injuring crew and damaging machinery or electronics. These designs would not be possible without having access to simulation. Without the reduction in risk, the cost of developing cutting-edge technologies would not have been possible. Read more about the SeaBlade project here . » back to top

  • PacMar Technologies

    At PacMar Technologies, we believe there are no limits to what we can do. We go after the toughest problems and tackle them with the innovation and ingenuity that has defined us for decades. We are a catalyst for change in our industry because when we believe any idea is achievable, we have the power to transform the technology solutions for tomorrow. PACIFIC MARINE & SUPPLY COMPANY CELEBRATES ITS 80TH ANNIVERSARY WITH $80,000 DONATION TO PALAMA SETTLEMENT FOR PRESCHOOLS » read more PACIFIC MARINE & SUPPLY COMPANY CELEBRATES ITS EIGHTIETH ANNIVERSARY » read more IN-WATER TESTS FOR DARPA MANTA RAY SCALED PROTOTYPE » read more PACMAR TECHNOLOGIES ONE OF 10 WINNERS OF U.S. ARMY XTECHPACIFIC COMPETITION » read more PACMAR TECHNOLOGIES WINS DARPA PHASE 2 AWARD FOR AUTONOMOUS UNDERWATER VEHICLE » read more OUTREACH COMMUNITY OUTREACH IS IMPORTANT TO US. WE’VE DEVELOPED EDUCATIONAL GAMING PLATFORMS TO HELP STUDENTS LEARN ABOUT OUR INDUSTRY IN AN ENGAGING FORMAT. » read more » Read More News Archives


    Platform Design & Prototyping Vigorous performance prediction and prototype field testing results in a wide-range of innovative concepts across multiple domains – land, sea, and air. Our software expertise allows us to rapidly design and model, from idea to prototype demonstration, complex mechanical systems in relevant environment. Ships, Small Craft, and Unmanned Vehicles PacMar Technologies has a strong heritage designing cutting-edge marine vehicles that draw upon our world-class and multi-disciplinary engineering expertise spanning naval architecture, marine, mechanical, and systems engineering. PacMar Technologies has all the capability needed to design, analyze, prototype and test novel marine vehicles for customers in the Department of Defense and commercial sectors. Our expertise spans high-performance small craft, naval surface combatants, and unmanned vehicles – both surface and undersea (USVs and UUVs). PacMar Technologies repeatedly develops vehicles to meet demanding specifications and achieve never-before-seen capability. Our capabilities also include the design of launch, recovery, recharging, and refueling technology for sustaining unmanned systems from legacy host platforms and autonomous sustainment. unmanned vehicle sb42 BLB70_IMG_0605_edited unmanned vehicle 1/3 Large-scale Rapid Prototyping & Test Rapidly developing from an idea to a prototype or demonstrator in relevant environments is core to our business and culture. Every PacMar Technologies facility has fabrication and experimentation capacity for marine, ground, and aerial systems prototyping. We also frequently work with a network of partner shipyards and test sites to achieve ambitious program schedules. UHAC Large-scale-2-540x360 hdv100 UHAC 1/3 Unmanned Amphibious and Ground Vehicles PacMar Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide system design, integration, and testing for amphibious vehicles that can operate in challenging littoral conditions. Our engineers design vehicles capable of transiting through surf and rugged shoreline conditions to seamlessly connect between ships operating at stand-off distances at sea and maneuver forces inland. Modeling & Simulation Our ability to rapidly prototype advanced systems is powered by industry-leading modeling and simulation expertise. PacMar Technologies engineers use virtual environments, physics-based simulations, and high-performance computing to explore a broad trade space for novel systems and validate performance specifications. Modeling and simulation enable PacMar Technologies culture and process of rapid prototyping and innovation. » back to top


    Advanced Materials & Manufacturing PacMar Technologies is the only producer of Berry Amendment-compliant Drop-Stitch fabric. This fabric combined with unique coating processes creates novel inflatable technologies. Studying and applying inflatables – supplemented with lightweight composites structures – opens a new frontier of applications for hybrid structures. Computer models of these hybrid structures allow us to tailor designs for new applications. Expandable structures and inflatables PacMar Technologies engineers expandable and inflatable structures with low size and weight (‘SWaP’). They offer compact transport and storage, and a predictable shape and strength when deployed, making them an ideal technology for expeditionary applications where space and weight are at a premium. One of our core technologies is ‘drop stitch’ inflatable textiles, which enables PacMar Technologies to design inflatable structures with tight tolerances on shape and strength. PacMar Technologies rapidly prototypes and tests large expandable structures using drop stitch composite textiles, using a company-owned loom capable of limited-production runs of custom textile that is ideally suited for research & development efforts. Structural analysis PacMar Technologies’ multi-disciplinary engineering team includes subject matter experts in structural design and analysis. PacMar Technologies routinely uses a variety of commercially available finite element analysis (FEA) software to evaluate trade-offs and optimize structures spanning ships, vehicle chassis, and airframes. Our expertise go beyond static stress-strain type of analyses, and include custom-built proprietary software to solve for the dynamic (time-domain) deformations of structures subject to the action of wave and air flow, coupled thermal effects, and hydro-elastic effects needed to predict the performance of cutting-edge military systems with high confidence. PacMar Technologies has also collaborated with Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Newport, to develop a first-of-kind, validated FEA capability for drop stitch textiles and other inflatable structures. Additive manufacturing & large-scale 3D printing PacMar Technologies is pushing the boundaries of what is possible to 3D print. Together with the University of Maine, PacMar Technologies 3D printed the entirety of a 25 foot planing hull suitable for immediate outfitting – the largest structure ever 3D printed at the time. PacMar Technologies is continuing to pioneer advanced manufacturing techniques blending 3D printing with new materials, composite designs, and printing processes to create even larger and stronger structures, with the capability to embed sensors and distributed systems – electrical power, cooling, and more – during the printing process. Soft robotics PacMar Technologies is using existing capability in expandable structures and inflatables to forge a path in soft robotics. Using our knowledge of system integration and materials, PacMar Technologies is exploring the use of sof t robotics for UUV Launch and Recovery applications. To continue to push the boundaries, PacMar Technologies is pursuing research in technologies that will help grow the next generation of soft robotic applications. » back to top

  • AUTONOMY & DATA | PacMar Technologies

    Autonomy & Data Science We develop digital twins of systems and subsystems on DoD platforms, for hull structural health monitoring, self-healing autonomous machinery, and smart electrical grids. Our unique understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning is applied to the development of efficient and accurate virtual worlds. Methods to test and train unmanned systems in all domains ensures resiliency of these technologies and systems. Autonomy Development Unmanned Systems PacMar Technologies develops autonomy solutions for aerial, ground, amphibious, surface, and undersea vehicles in dynamic and uncertain environments. Our core expertise involves cognitive systems approaches for A.I.-based autonomy that enables the vehicle to perform higher-level reasoning and adapt to unexpected events. This contrasts with the state of most of today’s unmanned systems that follow scripted missions that require intense operator cognitive workload to program. PacMar Technologies autonomy research aims to invert the unmanned vehicle-operator paradigm by embedding greater intelligence and reasoning on the vehicle, thereby enabling one operator to manage multiple unmanned vehicles. By inverting that paradigm, unmanned systems become true force multipliers. Industry 4.0, Digital Twin, and the Industrial Internet of Things Industry 4.0, also known as the Industrial Internet of Things, is revolutionizing how nearly every commercial industry is achieving increased automation and resiliency with ‘smart’ machines that can monitor themselves and correct issues without human intervention. PacMar Technologies is collaborating with the Office of Naval Research and a network of universities to develop resilient, autonomous machinery for Navy ships that will reduce manning, lower lifecycle cost, and increase long duration operation of the hull, mechanical, and electrical (HM&E) systems that ships depend on to function. Digital Twins are key enabling technology in PacMar Technologies' approach to creating ‘smart’ ship HM&E systems. Certification & Trust A significant barrier to wider adoption of autonomous systems for military applications is a lack of operator trust and rigorous methods to validate that autonomous systems will perform as intended. PacMar Technologies’ researchers are on the cutting-edge of methods for certifying autonomous system performance in dynamic environments and when subjected to novel or unpredicted conditions. Our researchers are solving fundamental challenges of how one can adequately test a system when exhaustive testing is either impractical or provably intractable. » back to top

  • POWER & ENERGY | PacMar Technologies

    Power & Energy Electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems for small craft, amphibious vehicles, and unmanned aircraft is a new frontier for PacMar Technologies’ model and simulation, control systems, and power electronics. Innovative propulsion concepts rely on energy efficient platforms and harvesting concepts for general system electrification. Using advance power architecture and power management enables long-duration operations for a variety of military and commercial applications. Hybrid and All-Electric Propulsion Systems PacMar Technologies engineers are collaborating with the Office of Naval Research to develop hybrid and all-electric propulsion systems for Navy craft that maximize energy efficiency and reduce the vessel’s signatures, making them safer for the warfighter to operate in contested environments. PacMar Technologies is also performing research to advance the maturity of next-generation integrated power and energy systems (IPES) for Navy combatants that can adaptively route power from a ship’s propulsion system to meet the demands of directed energy weapons. Energy Harvesting PacMar Technologies is at the forefront of developing technology that can harvest energy from the ocean environment to power nearby installations or recharge unmanned vehicles, keeping them on station and performing their mission longer. Previous and ongoing work includes harvesting from the sun, waves, and ocean currents. Our capabilities in this area span system design, power takeoff mechanism design, energy feasibility analysis, and prototyping construction. Systems Engineering and Integration for Advanced Power Architectures The electrification of military vehicles is steadily increasing as more mission systems and payload require electrical power, energy efficiency, and resiliency. PacMar Technologies power systems and electrical engineering experts are collaborating with the Navy and Army to design new architectures for compact and resilient power systems with applications for integration. Power management controls for long-duration USV operations The Navy is on a path to acquiring medium and large unmanned surface vessels that are expected to operate in the open ocean for long periods. PacMar Technologies power systems researchers are tackling a core limitation of these USVs – how to maintain stable electrical power for 30 days or more without human intervention. Our experts are researching new power management controls and redundant power architectures with the goal of providing these ships with resilient electrical power. » back to top

  • Wins $8 mil contract | PacMar Technologies

    PacMar Technologies Awarded $8m Navy Contract for Advanced Planing Hull Research ​ Article by Communications Staff Portland, ME — 6 August 2019 — PacMar Technologies LLC has been awarded an $8 million contract from the U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research (ONR). The contract entitled “Advanced Planing Hull Research” focuses on pursuing new science and technology for safer hulls and hybrid-electric propulsion systems for fast boats. ​ PacMar Technologies will work directly with Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, ME, who will combine their “Built in Maine” composites experience with PacMar Technologies' research strength. Front Street Shipyard will build the PacMar Technologies prototypes and collaborate on testing at-sea. The science and technology advancements from this research will benefit all the Navy’s small craft programs. “Maine is home to the best shipbuilders in the world, and our state has long had an integral role in our national security. PacMar Technologies' engineering and research strength combined with Front Street Shipyard’s composites experience will benefit all of the Navy’s small-craft programs,” said Senator Collins. “As a senior member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, I strongly advocated for the funding that made this research possible and am so proud of the work PacMar Technologies and other Maine companies do to support our Navy and our nation’s defense.” This new contract will continue to build on the success of Maine’s historic leadership in the maritime field and revolutionize it for our digital and renewable energy age. Opportunities to collaborate with Maine maritime companies such as Front Street Shipyard were vital in supporting PacMar Technologies' Portland office, opened in 2018. Daniel Brunk, CEO of PacMar Technologies said, “Our company is so pleased to have been able to partner with the University of Maine and the State’s boat building ecosystem to address the Navy’s new challenges and needs.” JB Turner, president of Front Street Shipyard, said, “We believe our experience with advanced composite construction for boats will provide a key advantage to our Navy, and we are happy to team with PacMar Technologies to use our combined capabilities in this area through this new research program.” » back

  • PacMar Expanding | PacMar Technologies

    PacMar Technologies expanding footprint ​ Article by Communications Staff PacMar Technologies is proud to announce its collaboration with local university partners, the opening of five new offices throughout the United States. Ann Arbor, Michigan; Columbia, South Carolina; Bangor, Maine; Stillwater, Oklahoma and Wichita, Kansas will each receive significant capital investments resulting in at least, 50 new, high-paying, full-time jobs. With each new office opening, it allows each state to retain their homegrown, highly technical graduates benefitting their local economies on many levels. We at PacMar Technologies are excited about the growth of our company, and we are definitely excited to help America grow. » back

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    NEWS PACIFIC MARINE & SUPPLY COMPANY CELEBRATES ITS EIGHTIETH ANNIVERSARY WITH $80,000 DONATION TO PALAMA SETTLEMENT FOR PRESCHOOLS » read more PACIFIC MARINE & SUPPLY COMPANY CELEBRATES ITS EIGHTIETH ANNIVERSARY » read more IN-WATER TESTS FOR DARPA MANTA RAY SCALED PROTOTYPE » read more NEWS ARCHIVES » PMT Wind DARPA Phase 2 Award for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle » PMT One of 10 Winners Of U.S. Army XTech Pacific Competition » PMT Celebrates the Navy’s Birthday » Boat Christening of Vessel Oversight » New Portland Office Space » Navy SeaPort-Next Generation (SeaPort-NxG) Multiple-Award Contract (MAC) » PMT Employees Reflect on the Meaning of Memorial Day » Celebrating our Commitment to Green Energy: Earth Day 2021 » Celebrating Women's History Month at PMT » Meet Charlie F. » PacMar Technologies' University Partnerships » PacMar Technologies' expanding footprint » PacMar Technologies wins DARPA award for AUV » PacMar Technologies Wins Ocean Observing Prize » PacMar Technologies Awarded $8m Navy Contract for Advanced Planing Hull Research

  • CORPORATE TEAM | PacMar Technologies

    Meet The Team Corporate Dan Brunk Chief Executive Officer Priya Hicks Chief Technology Officer/Strategic Initiatives Gary Shimozono Jason Lindler James Ota Senior Vice President – Engineering & Technology Senior Vice President – Programs Comptroller/Contracts Officer

  • Palama Settlement Gift | PacMar Technologies

    Pacific Marine & Supply Company Celebrates its 80th Anniversary with $80,000 Donation to Palama Settlement for Preschools Article by Communications Staff Honolulu, HI - February 20, 2024 – In commemoration of its 80th Anniversary, Pacific Marine & Supply Company announced today a donation of $80,000 to Palama Settlement to build preschool classrooms. The new classrooms align with the state’s universal access to preschool initiative, Ready Keiki, which is being led by Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke. Pacific Marine has also committed to work with Palama Settlement on additional funding needs to ensure that these classrooms come to fruition. Since its founding by Fred and Alyce Loui in 1944, the Honolulu company has been a cornerstone of innovation and project excellence across diverse industries and has remained a family-owned and managed enterprise. Throughout its history, Pacific Marine has been committed to giving back to the local community and inspiring the next generations of innovation, entrepreneurship, and building a strong local workforce. Each year, Pacific Marine has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to numerous local non-profit organizations, with a strong focus on education and children. "Our company was built over the last eight decades on the foundation of dedicated service and a philosophy of building and supporting the local community,” said Steven Loui, Chairman & President of Pacific Marine & Supply Company. "It all begins with our keiki and we are so happy to be able to partner with Palama Settlement to build preschools right in the heart of Kalihi. When I learned about the Lieutenant Governor’s preschool program, I knew right away that we wanted to help give Hawaii’s children the right start and get them ready for success in school. Hopefully, to become Hawaii’s future engineers, inventors, leaders and even boat builders.” Currently, there are over 8,000 unserved preschool-aged children in Hawaii. The Ready Keiki initiative focuses on expanding preschool seats —both public and private—while increasing childcare subsidies and supporting the early childhood workforce. “These collaborative partnerships bring us closer to reaching our goal of universal access to preschool for Hawaii’s keiki,” said Lt. Gov. Luke. “The support from partners like Pacific Marine and Palama Settlement speaks to the multi-faceted approach of Ready Keiki, embracing community collaboration to serve more of our youngest learners.” Since the pandemic, Palama Settlement has seen an increase in participating families and community volunteer groups that help to produce community events, engage in programming, and assist in community service projects. “As Palama continues to grow, we want to make sure that our programs and services are relevant, inclusive and accessible to our families,” said Executive Director Sam Aiona. “Thanks to Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke and donors like Steven Loui, our “Pālama Mamas” can rest assure that their toddlers will be ready for Elementary School through the new Family Learning Center, here, at Palama Settlement.” “Companies are about its people and we have been blessed,” continued Steven Loui. “As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on our journey with immense pride, knowing that our family of companies continues to thrive thanks to the dedication of our highly qualified managers and talented employees and the support of our customers, vendors and the Hawaii Community. So many people have supported us and we want to make sure the next generation is ready to continue to move Hawaii forward.” ​ About Pacific Marine & Supply Company : 841 Bishop St., Suite 1110 Honolulu, HI 96813 Pacific Marine & Supply Company, headquartered in Honolulu, has been a leading force in Hawaii's economy since 1944. Specializing in defense, maritime transportation, construction, tourism, and technology R&D, the company fosters innovation and excellence across its family of subsidiaries including PacMar Technologies, Pacific Shipyards International, HSI Mechanical, SEABLADE, FLS Composites, Hull Scientific Research, and CAP Insurance Co. Inc. For more information about Pacific Marine & Supply Company and its subsidiaries, visit or contact us at or 808-848-6333. ​ About Palama Settlement : 810 N. Vineyard Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96817 Established in 1896, Palama Settlement is a nonprofit, community-based social service agency serving the Kalihi and Pālama neighborhoods. Palama offers a wide range of educational, recreational, cultural, social, health and community-building programs and services for children, youth, adults and senior citizens. Palama Settlement’s mission is to partner with those who have the greatest need in the community, empowering them to enhance their well-being through health, education, and recreation. For more information about Palama Settlement, visit or contact us at . » back

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    Priya Hicks Chief Technology Officer/Strategic Initiatives Priya Hicks is the Chief Technology Officer at PacMar Technologies. As head of the Engineering organization, Priya oversees the different functional engineering directorates and is responsible for technical performance on programs. Priya has 14+ years of professional experience working in the DoD Engineering arena primarily for the Navy in various private sector roles. Priya was raised in Texas and has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering. ​ » back Corporate Team

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