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    Locations Honolulu, Main Office 841 Bishop St. Suite 1110 Honolulu, HI 96813 Michigan Office 24 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr. Lobby H, Suite H3300 PO Box 414 Ann Arbor, MI 48105 Bangor, Maine Office 80 Exchange St. Suite 500 Bangor, ME 04401 Kansas Office Wichita State University John Bardo Center Room 321 &322 1845 Fairmount St. Wichita, KS 67260 Portland, Maine Office 100 W. Commercial Street Building D Portland, ME 04102 Washington DC Office 4250 N. Fairfax Dr. Suite 600 Arlington, VA 22203 Hawaii, Pier 24 705 N Nimitz Hwy. Honolulu, HI 96817 Rhode Island Office 1080 Kingstown Rd. Building #5 South Kingstown, RI 02879 Contact Us MAIN OFFICE 841 Bishop St. • Suite 1110 • Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 • 808-695-6643 First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send

  • CORPORATE TEAM | PacMar Technologies

    Meet The Team Corporate Dan Brunk Chief Executive Officer Priya Hicks Chief Technology Officer/Strategic Initiatives Gary Shimozono Jon Hayward James Ota Senior Vice President – Engineering & Technology Senior Vice President – Programs Comptroller/Contracts Officer

  • Gary Shimozono | PacMar Technologies

    Gary Shimozono Senior Vice President – Engineering & Technology Gary Shimozono is the Senior Vice President of Engineering & Technology at PacMar Technologies. He brings 45 years of Research and Development engineering experience to the company. Since 1995, Gary has served as Principal Investigator for many PMT projects, including those involving the design, construction, and testing of lifting body vessels- ranging in size from 50 to 300 long tons. These highly specialized vessels employ subsurface bodies, generating lift through displacement and dynamic lift. He was directly involved with the hydrodynamic and mechanical design aspects of these technology demonstrators. Currently, Gary is working on the development of a large amphibious, multi-tank capable transport vehicle (UHAC) and has completed multiple projects involving inflatable drop-stitch structures. Prior to joining the company, Gary worked for 18 years at Hughes Aircraft, Missile Systems Group, where he held mechanical engineering and project responsibilities for a ballistic missile interceptor and other prototype missiles. Gary holds both a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii. ​ » back Corporate Team

  • Power & Energy | PacMar Technologies

    Power & Energy » Platform Design & Prototyping » Autonomy & Data Science » Power & Energy » Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems for small craft, amphibious vehicles, and unmanned aircraft is a new frontier for PacMar Technologies’ model and simulation, control systems, and power electronics. Innovative propulsion concepts rely on energy efficient platforms and harvesting concepts for general system electrification. Using advance power architecture and power management enables long-duration operations for a variety of military and commercial applications. Hybrid and All-Electric Propulsion Systems PacMar Technologies engineers are collaborating with the Office of Naval Research to develop hybrid and all-electric propulsion systems for Navy craft that maximize energy efficiency and reduce the vessel’s signatures, making them safer for the warfighter to operate in contested environments. PacMar Technologies is also performing research to advance the maturity of next-generation integrated power and energy systems (IPES) for Navy combatants that can adaptively route power from a ship’s propulsion system to meet the demands of directed energy weapons. Energy Harvesting PacMar Technologies is at the forefront of developing technology that can harvest energy from the ocean environment to power nearby installations or recharge unmanned vehicles, keeping them on station and performing their mission longer. Previous and ongoing work includes harvesting from the sun, waves, and ocean currents. Our capabilities in this area span system design, power takeoff mechanism design, energy feasibility analysis, and prototyping construction. Systems Engineering and Integration for Advanced Power Architectures The electrification of military vehicles is steadily increasing as more mission systems and payload require electrical power, energy efficiency, and resiliency. PacMar Technologies power systems and electrical engineering experts are collaborating with the Navy and Army to design new architectures for compact and resilient power systems with applications for integration. Power management controls for long-duration USV operations The Navy is on a path to acquiring medium and large unmanned surface vessels that are expected to operate in the open ocean for long periods. PacMar Technologies power systems researchers are tackling a core limitation of these USVs – how to maintain stable electrical power for 30 days or more without human intervention. Our experts are researching new power management controls and redundant power architectures with the goal of providing these ships with resilient electrical power. » back to top

  • Jon Hayward | PacMar Technologies

    Jon Hayward Senior Vice President – Programs Jon Hayward is the Senior Vice President of Programs at PacMar Technologies. He is responsible for the performance of the PacMar Technologies portfolio of programs in support of our many Department of Defense and commercial customers. Jon brings more than 35 years of professional experience in defense and aerospace. Jon joined PacMar Technologies upon retiring from a long career with Lockheed Martin where, most recently, he served as Corporate Program Operations Director. Jon’s experience was gained through engineering and program management leadership roles on many defense programs for US DoD and international customers, across multiple market segments. Born and raised in Maine, Jon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maine. ​ » back Corporate Team

  • TECHNICAL EXPERTS | PacMar Technologies

    Meet The Team Technical Experts Brian Kays Vice President – Platform Design & Prototyping Jason Lindler Vice President - Naval Architecture and Autonomy Zensho Heshiki Director, Mechanical Engineering – West Gabe Foreman Director, Applied Engineering Kurt Hamel Director, Mechanical Engineering – East Scott Yamashita Director, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering – West David Porter Director, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering – East Jason Provancher Director, Autonomy & Data Science Eric Hultgren Director, Power & Energy

  • Birthday Celebration | PacMar Technologies

    PMT Celebrates the Navy’s Birthday » back to News Article by Communications Staff Photo Credit: Gray Gibson/U.S. Navy via AP This month PMT celebrates the U.S Navy’s 246th birthday. As a proud supporter of the Office of Naval Research (ONR), PMT has been working with ONR on projects for over 40 years in areas like small/large boats/ships design, science, technology and research – contributing to the ever-evolving capabilities of today’s Fleet. This year, the theme of the Navy’s birthday celebration is “Resilient and Ready”. The Navy has a history of overcoming any challenge, including the ongoing global pandemic. Here at PMT we face challenges everyday but live by this same motto as we strive to do our best work and are excited to continue to support Navy programs now and into the future. PMT wanted to reflect on a few of our notable past and present ONR projects. Pictured: Seaflyer, Lifting-Body Technology Demonstrator. Pictured: Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector (UHAC), MDG built a half-scale prototype of a ship-to-shore connector. Pictured: BLB-65. This boat has a dihedral bow lifting body (BLB) with trailing edge flaps, active control system, and designed for efficiency and seakeeping. Pictured: ORADTS program. This project combined all of PMT ’s capabilities to create an at-sea automated refueling and data transfer system for unmanned surface vehicles. The resulting system, which was generated using in-house CFD and physics-based motion simulation and optimization, decoupled the motions of the capture mechanism from the host platform enabling more reliable transfer of fuel and data regardless of sea-state Pictured: DARPA Manta Ray program. This program seeks to develop a new class of long-duration, long-range, payload-capable UUVs at an acquisition and lifecycle cost significantly less than current payload-capable UUVs. Pictured: Under the IMS program, PMT built a 36 ft medium-scale vessel in support of towing drop stitch inflatable structures as well as advancing automation, controls, and autonomous capability across a range of sub-systems in support of that program. Pictured: Sea Slice was a 105’ high-speed low-motion SWATH demonstrator built and tested for ONR by PMT and Lockheed Martin. » back to top

  • PacMar Technologies

    At PacMar Technologies, we believe there are no limits to what we can do. We go after the toughest problems and tackle them with the innovation and ingenuity that has defined us for decades. We are a catalyst for change in our industry because when we believe any idea is achievable, we have the power to transform the technology solutions for tomorrow. IN-WATER TESTS FOR DARPA MANTA RAY SCALED PROTOTYPE » read more PACMAR TECHNOLOGIES ONE OF 10 WINNERS OF U.S. ARMY XTECHPACIFIC COMPETITION » read more PACMAR TECHNOLOGIES WINS DARPA PHASE 2 AWARD FOR AUTONOMOUS UNDERWATER VEHICLE » read more OUTREACH Community outreach is important to us. We’ve developed educational gam ing platforms to help students learn about our industry in an enga ging format. » read more CAREERS We are a growing company with many opportunities for both engineers and administrators across the co untry. » read m ore NAVY SEAPORT-NEXT GENERATION (SEAPORT-NXG) MULTIPLE-AWARD CONTRACT (MAC) PacMar Technologies is a SeaPort-NxG prime contract holder. » read more

  • Eric Hultgren | PacMar Technologies

    Eric Hultgren Director, Power & Energy Eric Hultgren is the Director of Power and Energy at PacMar Technologies. The Power and Energy portfolio includes cutting-edge technologies and analysis methodologies associated with electric propulsion, energy storage, power system management and cyber security. Previously to joining PacMar Technologies, Eric was a principal engineer at General Dynamics Electric Boat for 22 years. During his time at Electric Boat, Eric worked on numerous electric propulsion (motors, drives and controls) and energy storage (battery and fuel cell) programs. As part of these projects, he has performed mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and thermal analysis work. In addition to his design and analysis experience, Eric supported various manufacturing and testing efforts. Eric was born and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Science in Ocean Engineering from the University of Rhode Island. ​ » back Technical Experts

  • PacMar Expanding | PacMar Technologies

    PacMar Technologies expanding footprint ​ Article by Communications Staff PacMar Technologies is proud to announce its collaboration with local university partners, the opening of five new offices throughout the United States. Ann Arbor, Michigan; Columbia, South Carolina; Bangor, Maine; Stillwater, Oklahoma and Wichita, Kansas will each receive significant capital investments resulting in at least, 50 new, high-paying, full-time jobs. With each new office opening, it allows each state to retain their homegrown, highly technical graduates benefitting their local economies on many levels. We at PacMar Technologies are excited about the growth of our company, and we are definitely excited to help America grow. » back

  • OUTREACH | PacMar Technologies

    OUTREACH Supporting our community through outreach will ignite the talent, ideas, and engagement in our field. We aim to inspire young people to pursue careers in engineering and join us as we expand future possibilities. PacMar Technologies has developed two educational video games that encourage students to engage in creative decision making within real-world constraints and then test their designs in environments with realistic physics. We partner with professional societies and educational organizations to ensure that these programs are well supported with curricula and training materials for educators and parents. And we believe that incorporating these educational concepts into approachable mediums like video games will highlight the exciting areas of this field and entice young people to learn more. Robot X RobotX is an international marine robotics competition that allows university students worldwide to compete to develop the most successful autonomous surface vessel, exposing future innovators to complex robotics and autonomy problems while encouraging novel solutions. The students focus on navigation systems, environment sensing, and control algorithms that enable their vehicle to complete a variety of navigational courses and standard maneuvers such as docking. Challenges also include complex logistical problems such as deployment of autonomous underwater vehicles to recover submerged objects or aerial vehicles to make observations. Every team uses a common platform, the Wave Adapted Modular Vessel (WAM-V), which is stable and capable of carrying a high payload. By standardizing the platform, students can focus on the robotics and autonomy problems and delivery high-performance vehicles. Throughout the program, students also learn skills in program management, budgeting, fundraising, and leadership. PacMar Technologies is proud to provide logistical support for the at-sea challenge in Honolulu, Hawaii as well as provide software and modelling techniques that enable a biennial virtual competition. Fleet FLEET is a web-based science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) competition that is free to students worldwide. FLEET utilizes the youth-friendly model of gamification to engage high school students in naval ship design and enables them to apply the real-life applications of STEM. Working individually or on teams, students compete via a web-based platform to complete four different missions, and in the process address the same challenges in ship design and operation that professional naval architects consider on a daily basis. Lesson plans, schedules, and other resources are available to make this game accessible to a wide variety of age groups. This game and the associated program resources were developed in partnership with the American Society of Naval Engineers. To download the game, view lesson plans, or even talk to an educator about the program, contact the American Society of Naval Engineers.

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