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Autonomy & Data Science


We develop digital twins of systems and subsystems on DoD platforms, for hull structural health monitoring, self-healing autonomous machinery, and smart electrical grids. Our unique understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning is applied to the development of efficient and accurate virtual worlds. Methods to test and train unmanned systems in all domains ensures resiliency of these technologies and systems.

Autonomy Development
Unmanned Systems

PacMar Technologies develops autonomy solutions for aerial, ground, amphibious, surface, and undersea vehicles in dynamic and uncertain environments. Our core expertise involves cognitive systems approaches for A.I.-based autonomy that enables the vehicle to perform higher-level reasoning and adapt to unexpected events. This contrasts with the state of most of today’s unmanned systems that follow scripted missions that require intense operator cognitive workload to program. PacMar Technologies autonomy research aims to invert the unmanned vehicle-operator paradigm by embedding greater intelligence and reasoning on the vehicle, thereby enabling one operator to manage multiple unmanned vehicles. By inverting that paradigm, unmanned systems become true force multipliers.
Industry 4.0, Digital Twin, and the Industrial Internet of Things

Industry 4.0, also known as the Industrial Internet of Things, is revolutionizing how nearly every commercial industry is achieving increased automation and resiliency with ‘smart’ machines that can monitor themselves and correct issues without human intervention. PacMar Technologies is collaborating with the Office of Naval Research and a network of universities to develop resilient, autonomous machinery for Navy ships that will reduce manning, lower lifecycle cost, and increase long duration operation of the hull, mechanical, and electrical (HM&E) systems that ships depend on to function. Digital Twins are key enabling technology in PacMar Technologies' approach to creating ‘smart’ ship HM&E systems.
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Certification & Trust

A significant barrier to wider adoption of autonomous systems for military applications is a lack of operator trust and rigorous methods to validate that autonomous systems will perform as intended. PacMar Technologies’ researchers are on the cutting-edge of methods for certifying autonomous system performance in dynamic environments and when subjected to novel or unpredicted conditions. Our researchers are solving fundamental challenges of how one can adequately test a system when exhaustive testing is either impractical or provably intractable.
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