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Advanced Materials
& Manufacturing


PacMar Technologies is the only producer of Berry Amendment-compliant Drop-Stitch fabric. This fabric combined with unique coating processes creates novel inflatable technologies. Studying and applying inflatables – supplemented with lightweight composites structures – opens a new frontier of applications for hybrid structures. Computer models of these hybrid structures allow us to tailor designs for new applications.

Expandable structures and inflatables

PacMar Technologies engineers expandable and inflatable structures with low size and weight (‘SWaP’). They offer compact transport and storage, and a predictable shape and strength when deployed, making them an ideal technology for expeditionary applications where space and weight are at a premium. One of our core technologies is ‘drop stitch’ inflatable textiles, which enables PacMar Technologies to design inflatable structures with tight tolerances on shape and strength. PacMar Technologies rapidly prototypes and tests large expandable structures using drop stitch composite textiles, using a company-owned loom capable of limited-production runs of custom textile that is ideally suited for research & development efforts.


Structural analysis

PacMar Technologies’ multi-disciplinary engineering team includes subject matter experts in structural design and analysis. PacMar Technologies routinely uses a variety of commercially available finite element analysis (FEA) software to evaluate trade-offs and optimize structures spanning ships, vehicle chassis, and airframes. Our expertise go beyond static stress-strain type of analyses, and include custom-built proprietary software to solve for the dynamic (time-domain) deformations of structures subject to the action of wave and air flow, coupled thermal effects, and hydro-elastic effects needed to predict the performance of cutting-edge military systems with high confidence. PacMar Technologies has also collaborated with Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Newport, to develop a first-of-kind, validated FEA capability for drop stitch textiles and other inflatable structures.

1609.m00.i125.n001.S.c12.198623492 Topographic contour lines vector map seamless pattern

Additive manufacturing & large-scale 3D printing

PacMar Technologies is pushing the boundaries
of what is possible to 3D print. Together with the University of Maine, PacMar Technologies 3D printed the entirety of a 25 foot planing hull suitable for immediate outfitting – the largest structure ever
3D printed at the time. PacMar Technologies is continuing to pioneer advanced manufacturing techniques blending 3D printing with new materials, composite designs, and printing processes to create even larger and stronger structures, with the capability to embed sensors and distributed systems – electrical power, cooling, and more – during the printing process.

Printed Boat

Soft robotics

PacMar Technologies is using existing capability in expandable structures and inflatables to forge a path in soft robotics. Using our knowledge of system integration and materials, PacMar Technologies is exploring the use of soft robotics for UUV Launch
and Recovery applications. To continue to push the boundaries, PacMar Technologies is pursuing research in technologies that will help grow the
next generation of soft robotic applications.

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