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PacMar Technologies is a leader in developing cutting-edge solutions in
the defense and maritime industries.

Our company was founded in 1978 in Honolulu, Hawaii with a focus on developing advanced ships to improve passenger ride quality, reduce operator injury, and improve hull efficiency. These engineering capabilities quickly led to innovations in hydrodynamic simulations, novel hull form designs, cutting edge motion control systems, and advanced marine prototype fabrication and testing. We’ve since grown into a diversified technology company with a national presence, leading the way in research, engineering, design, and innovation.


We help our partners in the Department of Defense, academia, and other scientific fields – so our partners can guarantee national security and ensure reliable industry and commerce.


We believe that the best solutions can only be developed through close collaboration with our clients, beginning by identifying core objectives. PacMar Technologies’ experts then collaborate with our partners to create cross-disciplinary solutions. The unique challenges associated with the harsh marine environment originally led us to seek inspiration for our work across diverse industries. Our successes continue to leverage non-traditional material science, novel manufacturing techniques, physics and machine learning modeling capabilities, artificial intelligence, and data science.


We are a team of scientists and engineers who believe in finding solutions that don’t just innovate, but that spark lasting change.


Our work enables the thousands of men and women in uniform to keep our country ahead of advancing global powers. We equip members of our military with the best technological solutions in the world, adhering to the core principles of science and applied engineering. We bring these principles to life through innovative software, comprehensive testing, full-scale technology demonstrations, and final products.


We focus on the future, anticipate problems, and always deliver the
right solution.

Our mission is to convert research into products by leveraging emerging technologies and applying them to National problem sets with speed, trust, and expertise.

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