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Platform Design & Prototyping


Vigorous performance prediction and prototype field testing results in a wide-range of innovative concepts across multiple domains – land, sea, and air. Our software expertise allows us to rapidly design and model, from idea to prototype demonstration, complex mechanical systems in relevant environment.

Ships, Small Craft, and
Unmanned Vehicles

PacMar Technologies has a strong heritage designing cutting-edge marine vehicles that draw upon our world-class and multi-disciplinary engineering expertise spanning naval architecture, marine, mechanical, and systems engineering. PacMar Technologies has all the capability needed to design, analyze, prototype and test novel marine vehicles for customers in the Department of Defense and commercial sectors. Our expertise spans high-performance small craft, naval surface combatants, and unmanned vehicles – both surface and undersea (USVs and UUVs). PacMar Technologies repeatedly develops vehicles to meet demanding specifications and achieve never-before-seen capability. Our capabilities also include the design of launch, recovery, recharging, and refueling technology for sustaining unmanned systems from legacy host platforms and autonomous sustainment.
Large-scale Rapid Prototyping & Test

Rapidly developing from an idea to a prototype or demonstrator in relevant environments is core to our business and culture. Every PacMar Technologies facility has fabrication and experimentation capacity for marine, ground, and aerial systems prototyping. We also frequently work with a network of partner shipyards and test sites to achieve ambitious program schedules.
Unmanned Amphibious and
Ground Vehicles

PacMar Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide system design, integration, and testing for amphibious vehicles that can operate in challenging littoral conditions. Our engineers design vehicles capable of transiting through surf and rugged shoreline conditions to seamlessly connect between ships operating at stand-off distances at sea and maneuver forces inland.
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Modeling & Simulation

Our ability to rapidly prototype advanced systems is powered by industry-leading modeling and simulation expertise. PacMar Technologies engineers use virtual environments, physics-based simulations, and high-performance computing to explore a broad trade space for novel systems and validate performance specifications. Modeling and simulation enable PacMar Technologies culture and process of rapid prototyping and innovation.

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