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Jason Lindler

Vice President - Naval Architecture and Autonomy

Jason Lindler is the Vice President of Naval Architecture and Autonomy at PacMar Technologies.  He is responsible for the real-time control software for the company’s active control systems and unmanned platforms.  Jason has more than 20 experience in mechanical and active control technologies. 


His experience at PacMar Technologies includes supporting the installation, integration, and at-sea tests of multiple control systems, including hydrodynamic improvements to a USMC’s Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle and for PacMar Technologies' hydrofoil Active Ride Enhancement System vessels.  Currently, he is developing the control software that operates our UHAC vessel and remotely drives smaller amphibious vehicles on the open ocean. Prior to joining PacMar Technologies, he worked on developing space and commercial parabolic reflectors and was a software developer for a project commanding several large diameter multi-axis optical alignment systems. 


He graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

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