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  • CORPORATE TEAM | PacMar Technologies

    Meet The Team Corporate Dan Brunk Chief Executive Officer Priya Hicks Chief Technology Officer/Strategic Initiatives Gary Shimozono Jason Lindler James Ota Senior Vice President – Engineering & Technology Senior Vice President – Programs Comptroller/Contracts Officer

  • Brian Kays | PacMar Technologies

    Brian Kays Vice President – Platform Design & Prototyping Brian Kays is the Vice President of Platform Design and Engineering at PacMar Technologies. Joining PMT in 2002, Brian has over 20 years of experience in mechanical, structural, and system design. He has been involved with the design, fabrication, installation, and testing of mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic control systems related to the Aft Lifting Body (ALB) technology on numerous high-speed boats and amphibious vehicles. Recently, Brian engineered rapid inflation systems for numerous drop-stitch boats, sleds, chutes, and other inflatable structures. He is the principal investigator on the offboard refueling and data transfer system (ORADTS) which utilizes large-scale inflatable structures and ancillary systems to autonomously refuel unmanned vessels at-sea. Brian received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington in 1997. ​ » back Technical experts

  • Cookies Policy | PacMar Technologies

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  • Wins $8 mil contract | PacMar Technologies

    PacMar Technologies Awarded $8m Navy Contract for Advanced Planing Hull Research ​ Article by Communications Staff Portland, ME — 6 August 2019 — PacMar Technologies LLC has been awarded an $8 million contract from the U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research (ONR). The contract entitled “Advanced Planing Hull Research” focuses on pursuing new science and technology for safer hulls and hybrid-electric propulsion systems for fast boats. ​ PacMar Technologies will work directly with Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, ME, who will combine their “Built in Maine” composites experience with PacMar Technologies' research strength. Front Street Shipyard will build the PacMar Technologies prototypes and collaborate on testing at-sea. The science and technology advancements from this research will benefit all the Navy’s small craft programs. “Maine is home to the best shipbuilders in the world, and our state has long had an integral role in our national security. PacMar Technologies' engineering and research strength combined with Front Street Shipyard’s composites experience will benefit all of the Navy’s small-craft programs,” said Senator Collins. “As a senior member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, I strongly advocated for the funding that made this research possible and am so proud of the work PacMar Technologies and other Maine companies do to support our Navy and our nation’s defense.” This new contract will continue to build on the success of Maine’s historic leadership in the maritime field and revolutionize it for our digital and renewable energy age. Opportunities to collaborate with Maine maritime companies such as Front Street Shipyard were vital in supporting PacMar Technologies' Portland office, opened in 2018. Daniel Brunk, CEO of PacMar Technologies said, “Our company is so pleased to have been able to partner with the University of Maine and the State’s boat building ecosystem to address the Navy’s new challenges and needs.” JB Turner, president of Front Street Shipyard, said, “We believe our experience with advanced composite construction for boats will provide a key advantage to our Navy, and we are happy to team with PacMar Technologies to use our combined capabilities in this area through this new research program.” » back

  • Celebrating Women | PacMar Technologies

    Celebrating Women's History Month Article by Communications Staff We celebrate this month to remind ourselves of the many accomplishments of women throughout history, in addition to giving us a chance to reflect on the trailblazing women who lead the way for change. We asked some of our very own PMT engineers about women in history that may have been a source of inspiration to pursue a career in science or engineering – below are a few stories we would like to share. Emily Stauffer Mechanical Engineer, Bangor Office Marie Curie stands out as a source of inspiration for me. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the first person to win two of them in different categories. She is remembered for her discovery of radium and polonium, and her huge contribution to the fight against cancer. Her invention of the portable x-ray machine (called Little Curies) during WWI saved a lot of lives. She built these x-ray machines and recruited other women to help her bring them to the frontlines to teach doctors and nurses how to use them on wounded soldiers. Her influence is so significant that my husband and I have chosen to name our daughter, who will be arriving very soon, after her. Her name will be Lillian Curie. ​ Eric Hultgren Dire ctor of Power and Energy, South Kingstown Office My older sister, Gretchen Barnes, inspired me to study and pursue a career in engineering. Gretchen studied mechanical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I loved visiting her on campus and was always amazed about what she was working on. Her enthusiasm was contagious and that solidified my desire to become an engineer. When I finished graduate school, I was fortunate enough to work with her. For over 20 years, she was one of my top technical and programmatic sounding boards. After all these years she still inspires me to keep growing and learning both personally and professionally. Love you Gretchen. ​ Kayla Rasavanh Mecha nical Engineering Intern, Honolulu Office There is not a specific woman in history that has inspired me to pursue a career in engineering. My source of inspiration to pursue engineering came from a few of my fellow female lacrosse teammates and the advice they gave me. I was in between majors, and they were both studying mechanical engineering. The curriculum and their internships sounded really exciting to me, so I decided to try it out. Both have now graduated and are working, one at an environmental engineering firm, and the other is a nuclear engineer. The field of mechanical engineering is dominated by men, and because of that, women are able to create a community within one another. Watching my friends lead successful careers and knowing there is always someone who has my back and wants me to succeed is what inspires me to keep going. ​ Whether an 18th century two-time Nobel Prize winning scientist, or a few influential people in your life that champion your accomplishments, there is inspiration that can be found all around us. Inspiration can propel a person from apathy to possibility. Here at MDG we wanted to recognize a few of our colleagues and their sources of inspiration – it is our talented employee base that makes this company such a unique place to work, thank you Emily, Eric, and Kayla for sharing your stories with us! » back

  • Wins Obsrving Prize | PacMar Technologies

    PacMar Technologies Wins Ocean Observing Prize ​ Honolulu, HI — MAY 2020 — PacMar Technologies team, consisting of Bradley Beeksma, Patrick Montolio, Aaron Yee and Adam Crimmins, have won the Explorer Prize in the Ocean Observing Prize’s DISCOVER competition . This competition is administered by the DOE (Department of Energy) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and is designed to spur technological innovation and contribute to the growth of the blue economy. Team PacMar Technologies’ winning submission, integrates a rapidly installed breakwater (RIB) structure into an attenuating wave energy converter (WEC) that would generate power for UUV (unmanned underwater vehicles) charging while simultaneously creating a sheltered area for improved surface docking. This system will increase UUV mission durations using an autonomous recharging device for short-term deployment at locations of interest. The Ocean Observing Prize challenges innovators around the globe to integrate marine renewable energy with ocean observation platforms, ultimately revolutionizing our ability to collect the data needed to understand, map and monitor the ocean. “Our team was thrilled to hear we had been selected as winners in this competitive competition. This is a promising demonstration that our company is well-suited to address challenges in the field of marine renewable energy,” said Bradley Beeksma, Ocean Engineer. “PacMar Technologies is a world leader in the design of large inflatable drop-stitch structures, and the DISCOVER competition was a chance for our engineers to leverage that knowledge to advance the use of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) for ocean exploration and sensing,” said Troy Keipper, Chief Operating Officer. PacMar Technologies is known for its innovation, in both technology and in business – and always strives for opportunities to use research, ideas and engineering to change the world. Learn more about the Ocean Observing Prize here . ​ About PacMar Technologies PacMar Technologies is a leading provider of innovative research and development services for the Department of Defense, NASA, and other government agencies. Historically a provider of naval architecture and modeling and simulation services, its portfolio has diversified to encompass digital twins, power and energy systems, unmanned vehicles, robotics, autonomy, AI/ML, data science, inflatables, composites, and additive manufacturing. Since its founding in Hawaii in 1979, PacMar Technologies has grown to open offices in Rhode Island, Maine, Virginia, Michigan, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. Article by Communication Staff » back


    Advanced Materials & Manufacturing PacMar Technologies is the only producer of Berry Amendment-compliant Drop-Stitch fabric. This fabric combined with unique coating processes creates novel inflatable technologies. Studying and applying inflatables – supplemented with lightweight composites structures – opens a new frontier of applications for hybrid structures. Computer models of these hybrid structures allow us to tailor designs for new applications. Expandable structures and inflatables PacMar Technologies engineers expandable and inflatable structures with low size and weight (‘SWaP’). They offer compact transport and storage, and a predictable shape and strength when deployed, making them an ideal technology for expeditionary applications where space and weight are at a premium. One of our core technologies is ‘drop stitch’ inflatable textiles, which enables PacMar Technologies to design inflatable structures with tight tolerances on shape and strength. PacMar Technologies rapidly prototypes and tests large expandable structures using drop stitch composite textiles, using a company-owned loom capable of limited-production runs of custom textile that is ideally suited for research & development efforts. Structural analysis PacMar Technologies’ multi-disciplinary engineering team includes subject matter experts in structural design and analysis. PacMar Technologies routinely uses a variety of commercially available finite element analysis (FEA) software to evaluate trade-offs and optimize structures spanning ships, vehicle chassis, and airframes. Our expertise go beyond static stress-strain type of analyses, and include custom-built proprietary software to solve for the dynamic (time-domain) deformations of structures subject to the action of wave and air flow, coupled thermal effects, and hydro-elastic effects needed to predict the performance of cutting-edge military systems with high confidence. PacMar Technologies has also collaborated with Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Newport, to develop a first-of-kind, validated FEA capability for drop stitch textiles and other inflatable structures. Additive manufacturing & large-scale 3D printing PacMar Technologies is pushing the boundaries of what is possible to 3D print. Together with the University of Maine, PacMar Technologies 3D printed the entirety of a 25 foot planing hull suitable for immediate outfitting – the largest structure ever 3D printed at the time. PacMar Technologies is continuing to pioneer advanced manufacturing techniques blending 3D printing with new materials, composite designs, and printing processes to create even larger and stronger structures, with the capability to embed sensors and distributed systems – electrical power, cooling, and more – during the printing process. Soft robotics PacMar Technologies is using existing capability in expandable structures and inflatables to forge a path in soft robotics. Using our knowledge of system integration and materials, PacMar Technologies is exploring the use of sof t robotics for UUV Launch and Recovery applications. To continue to push the boundaries, PacMar Technologies is pursuing research in technologies that will help grow the next generation of soft robotic applications. » back to top

  • Jason Linder | PacMar Technologies

    Jason Lindler Vice President - Naval Architecture and Autonomy Jason Lindler is the Vice President of Naval Architecture and Autonomy at PacMar Technologies. He is responsible for the real-time control software for the company’s active control systems and unmanned platforms. Jason has more than 20 experience in mechanical and active control technologies. His experience at PacMar Technologies includes supporting the installation, integration, and at-sea tests of multiple control systems, including hydrodynamic improvements to a USMC’s Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle and for PacMar Technologies' hydrofoil Active Ride Enhancement System vessels. Currently, he is developing the control software that operates our UHAC vessel and remotely drives smaller amphibious vehicles on the open ocean. Prior to joining PacMar Technologies, he worked on developing space and commercial parabolic reflectors and was a software developer for a project commanding several large diameter multi-axis optical alignment systems. He graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering. ​ » back Technical Experts

  • Employees reflect | PacMar Technologies

    PMT Employees Reflect on the Meaning of Memorial Day » back to News Article by Communications Staff As a small defense contractor, PacMar Technologies prides itself on being an agile and responsive company that provides innovative products and solutions to the Department of Defense, particularly the Navy and Marine Corps teams. This Memorial Day, we wanted to share some personal thoughts from our very own employees who are Veterans. Though we may be apart this Memorial Day, there is something very special about coming together, regardless of location, to pay respect to America’s fallen heroes. Featured below in Q&A style, each of our employees is wearing a symbolic poppy pin*, representing the military men and women who have given their lives since World War I to defend our freedom. Q. A. Q. A. DAN BRUNK CEO Retired, U.S. Navy Is there something that you do every year on Memorial Day to observe the day? It depends on the year and the local events, but a few years ago, I was a co-Grand Marshall with my parents in my hometown Memorial Day parade. My father is retired Navy (WWII vet, part of Cuban Missile Crisis blockade), and my mother was in the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) for ten years. How is MDG’s mission similar to your mission when you were serving? My goal is to make our applied research and development work at MDG beneficial for the Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, Soldier, Airmen, and Guardians. We always need to be good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars. We do this by building teams and focusing on the mission. These principles are no different than stationing a ‘special watch’ to conduct a non-routine mission. Q. A. Q. A. TODD FEE Director, Pacific Operations Retired, U.S. Air Force What does Memorial Day mean to you? It’s a time to reflect upon the over 1.1 million Americans who lost their lives protecting the values we cherish today. Is there anything else you’d like to add? I’ve always felt the most important thing I could do in uniform was to ensure my team was well trained and positioned to be the best. Working for a defense contractor who has the potential to provide advanced material solutions to ensure the US maintains its technological advantage, is a way I can continue to make that impact. Q. A. Q. A. PAM BERRY Facility Security Officer Retired, U.S. Navy What does Memorial Day mean to you? A day to remember those who sacrificed everything for this country and for those who are fortunate enough to call it home. Is there something you do every year on Memorial Day to observe the day? I think of my friends I lost in the pentagon during 9/11, and while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Q. A. Q. A. SHANNON BLACKERBY Director of Strategy, Special Operations Forces Former, U.S. Marine Corps, National Guard How is PMT’s mission similar to your mission when you were serving? It is very similar. Both focus on a greater cause that is something bigger than just yourself, the fact that others are relying on you to do the right thing and to make the right decision. Is there anything else you would like to add? There is a tremendous amount of divisiveness today in our country. Take a moment this Memorial Day and set your politics aside. Set your preconceived notions and ideas aside. Give a head nod to those veterans who have passed. An instant in time to acknowledge their service. In that instant, realize that there is a common bond that we all share. We are Americans. Thank you to Dan, Todd, Pam, and Shannon for sharing their personal stories with us. We hope you all have a safe Memorial Day and can take a moment to remember the sacrifice of veterans, past and present. *The poppy was made famous in a poem called “In Flanders Fields,” by the Canadian surgeon, LCOL John McRae from Guelph, Ontario. Read the poem here . » back

  • Boat Christening | PacMar Technologies

    The christening with the champagne bottle was a smashing success! Vessel Oversight pier-side in Honolulu Harbor prior to commissioning its engines. Boat Christening of Vessel Oversight Article by Communications Staff In September, PacMar Technologies (PMT) christened its new escort boat named Oversight at its working shipyard located at Pier 24 in Honolulu, HI. Boat christening is a time-honored tradition to wish good luck and safe passage to maritime vessels and their crews. This 38-ft vessel will be a towing/escort vessel for PMT’s current IMS project. PMT Hawaii colleagues gathered together for the celebration, along with Nate Urciuoli of Helmut’s Marine Service (Volvo Penta engine supplier), based in California, travelled to Hawaii to commission the vessel’s twin-engine and drive installation. PMT chose to install this state-of-the-art propulsion system because of its excellent maneuverability and high thrust. Some other special features of the vessel are the reverse deadrise hull form and large aft payload area. Just a few hours after Oversight was christened, the vessel made its way into the nearby Hawaiian waters. It performed well in sea trials and will soon enter into its next phase of testing support for the IMS program. ​ » back

  • Eric Hultgren | PacMar Technologies

    Eric Hultgren Director, Power & Energy Eric Hultgren is the Director of Power and Energy at PacMar Technologies. The Power and Energy portfolio includes cutting-edge technologies and analysis methodologies associated with electric propulsion, energy storage, power system management and cyber security. Previously to joining PacMar Technologies, Eric was a principal engineer at General Dynamics Electric Boat for 22 years. During his time at Electric Boat, Eric worked on numerous electric propulsion (motors, drives and controls) and energy storage (battery and fuel cell) programs. As part of these projects, he has performed mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and thermal analysis work. In addition to his design and analysis experience, Eric supported various manufacturing and testing efforts. Eric was born and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Science in Ocean Engineering from the University of Rhode Island. ​ » back Technical Experts

  • xTechPacific Competition | PacMar Technologies

    PacMar Technologies One of 10 Winners of U.S. Army xTechPacific Competition Article by Communications Staff Honolulu, Hawaii — October 3, 2023 — PacMar Technologies is pleased to announce that we are one of 10 winners of the U.S. Army xTechPacific Competition, an open-topic prize competition focused on supporting the U.S. military’s long-distance capabilities across the Indo-Pacific region. Sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, and in collaboration with the U.S. Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program, the competition sought innovative small business solutions prioritizing climate and sustainment, communications, the Internet of Things, sensing and intelligence, and supply-chain logistics to improve soldier effectiveness o verseas. “Each of these winners proved their ability to address this challenge and will help diversify the Army’s approach to research and development,” said Dr. Matt Willis, director of the Army Prize Competitions and the Army Applied SBIR Program. Using PacMar Technologies’ deep knowle dge of marine vehicles and expertise in autonomy, our engineers conceived an autonomous transport sled to ensure rapid resupply of material and aid. This transport sled addresses a daunting problem for the Army known as the “Tyranny of Distance,” which has vexed military strategists since the dawn of conflict where the U.S. is often fighting wars in areas thousands of miles from U.S. shores. This distance lessens military strength and increases the cost of conflicts. Our autonomous transport sled tackles this challenge head-on, also addressing the Army’s capability gap and technology viability. “We are thrilled to be selected a winner and proud of our employees’ dedication in this competition to assist the U.S. Army, said Dan Brunk, CEO of PacMar Technologies. “We look forward to submitting our Direct to Phase II proposal and continuing to build a strong relationship with the Army. Helping our Department of Defense partners drives our passion to research and develop cutting-edge technologies to help them solve complex problems.” During the competition’s rounds, businesses received up to $25,000 in cash prizes following several capability pitches to a panel of Army technologists, scientists, engineers and acquisition experts. Winners of xTechPacific can now apply for a Phase I Army SBIR contract worth up to $250,000 or a Direct to Phase II contract valued at up to $1.9million. » back

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